Watch it right here. We’re just sitting down and things are a little hectic but we should have the full stream online in minutes.

Update – We had several thousand people watching the stream. Many thanks for your support. The original live footage we shot can be seen at the bottom of this page, however HTC have now added their own recording, complete with several professional cameras ;)

Video streaming by Ustream

Three to sell the HTC One S & V
MWC - Orange to sell Xperia U in white
  • Hope this stream isnt on a iPad. lol :)

  • guest

    I was watching and it kicked me off and said no seats available.. what!!!

    •  Same here.  MWC fail 100% this year, no live streams?  WTF is that all about.  Terrible considering the number of camera devices there that can stream. lol

  • Asdf

    Waste of time as you can’t watch it as there are too meny people trying to watch. Why post something that most users can’t see. GET IT RIGHT NOT SO COOLSMARTPHONE!

  • I managed to watch it through the uStream site after being kicked from here – same stream jsut different URL!