Strange Android Stuff I’ve seen this week

It’s Friday lunchtime and what do we all need to get us through the afternoon? A selection of strange apps that’s what. So here we have this weeks selection. A few people have sent me links during the week, so thanks to them. It’s greatly appreciated. If you spot something really odd then drop us a line and we may just feature it.

The first app this week has already been removed from the market so you will have to make do with the pictures below instead.

“Boob Dialer” make dialing fun!

Can you remember in the olden days when your home phone didn’t have buttons? It had a big dial you had to rotate instead. Well this is a bit like that. The market description sums the app up for you.

“Boob Dialer is a fun but yet a powerful tool for calling your contacts.

Grab the nipple and start to select numbers in an old fashion way.
You can type entire numbers and call, or you can use for searching for contacts by name of number.

We hope you will enjoy the great piece of software!

If you have any feedback please send us an email!

Coming soon:
• Even better graphics
• More events in search dialog. (edit contact, send SMS..)”

Here is what the app looks like.

Strange Android Stuff Ive seen this weekStrange Android Stuff Ive seen this week

Pretty strange that one. I like how they plan to allow you how to send SMS. Having this as the default text input would be so strange. Imagine getting your phone out at work to show someone something on the web. Hit the Google search box to type in your search query and up pops a boob surrounded by letters. So random. Fingers crossed they actually do update it. In the meantime you will have to make do with a dailer.

The next app is a bit odd. I’m guessing the developer was a very angry and potentially violent woman. This app needs a lot of permissions. I mean A LOT of permissions. Probably best not to install it.

It’s called “Whack your boyfriend”

Boyfriends who would have one? Well theres not many good ones around thats for sure. The chances are if yo have stumbled across this page that you hate your ex boyfriend or maybe you can’t stand your current boyfriend!

Well don’t get flustered over some jerk off who can’t treat you right, instead find some of the items above to whack the hell out of that annoying ex and solve your tention problems for good! After all in real life would you really get the opportunity to bazooka your ex boyfriend in the face taking his head directly off!

Lets take a look at some of the other ways to whack your ex boyfriend.

Boxing Gloves: Unwrap a present and beat the hell out of your boyfriend with a pair of boxing gloves. Don’t just do a couple of rounds on him and make his death easy, beat him to the ground and to a bloody pulp like Rocky Balboa does Apollo Creed! Run Away With His Dad!: Go out with a real man, your boyfriends dad (ok this could sound sick if your boyfriends dad his too old but some guys dads can be quite hot and this is just a silly cartoon!). Get in his dads fancy car and drive off with him. Oh yeah and don’t forget to shoot him in the head as he looks on in surprise. Shark Bait: Drop a huge shark on his head and watch it bite the hell out of your ex boyfriend as he screams in agony! Yes this is the most painful way of disposing of your boyfriend, painful to him of course, not to you. Punch and Crap: Upper cut your ex boyfriend in the chin so he falls to the ground. Then deliver a telling blow around his head. Finally release a huge log onto his head, one that king kong himself would be proud of!

Strange Android Stuff Ive seen this weekStrange Android Stuff Ive seen this week

Whoa where did that come from. Guess they got a little carried away with the description there.

Lastly this week we have one of those odd apps that involve buses and girls. You basically have to just tap the screen a lot until the girl lets you sit with her. I guess I have missed out on what is so special about buses and girls together. It’s called “Funny School Bus”. This is how they describe this one.

“Funny School bus is a free game for android mobile devices Going to school just got a little less tedious in Funny School Bus! Annoy the heck out of everyone on the school bus and trick them into letting you sit with the cute girl! Funny School Bus takes you to new extremes of fun, check out this crazy driving game right here. do you have the skill to keep things together?

Controls: Use TAP/Click to play. Click on objects around the elevator to make events happen. Some events can be triggered by clicking on two or more different objects. Some objects will get stored in the Inventory Panel, click on these objects to use them. Refer to the hints in the game.”

Strange Android Stuff Ive seen this weekStrange Android Stuff Ive seen this week