Is an Xperia Play 2 on the horizon?

Is an Xperia Play 2 on the horizon?

Was it really a year ago that we saw the original Xperia Play? Rumours of a follow-up have now hit the web, with this image appearing on a site called “Concept Phones“.. hmmm.. is it merely just a … concept phone then?

The site begs to differ, saying that it’s the real thing and will have a 4.3” screen and slide-out controls. The Xperia Play 2, aka the Xperia X, is also rumoured to have a dual-core 1.5GHz CPU and 8.1 megapixel shooter with HD video.

Link – Concept Phones
Via – SoMobile

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  • Anonymous

    Firstly, that is the worst render ever.  I saw it on pocketnow earlier.  Secondly the “leak” sounds like a big guess by some guy throwing darts at a spec-board filled with random options.

    In saying that I hope to hell they have an Xperia play 2 on the way.  One that is makes good on the promise of what the original should have been.  Then I will buy one and rub it all over my body.