Archos 28 Internet “Tablet” – Just too cheap

Archos 28 Internet Tablet   Just too cheap

Hey you, my lovely bargain hunting buddies. How do you fancy buying an Android “tablet” for just £29? Interested? Well, I should perhaps start off by saying that this “tablet” has a 2.8″ screen, so it’s probably more of a small MP3 player if we’re honest.

The Archos 28 has 4GB of storage on-board, WiFi, an 800MHz CPU, Android 2.2 and it’s fairly easy to root. It’s only got a 320×240 pixel screen, but at 2.8″ you’re not really going to know. This was previously available for £57. Boom, big saving. Get one with your beans and beer during your Asda big shop.

Link – Asda