HTC promise us ‘something authentic’

Another little snippet of news from HTC today!

Their official facebook page is currently advertising that this Sunday, a day before the Mobile World Congress, that we will hear about something authentic from HTC. What could it be? Well it was accompanied by this image…

HTC promise us something authentic

My guess? Well it sounds like they might be officially unveiling Sense 4.0, that explains the big ‘4’ on that image. Maybe a Quad Core device? Lets wait and see hey?


That will teach me for not fully reading the information source hey! Turns out yesterday this image appeared on the page:

HTC promise us something authentic

As you can see, it’s the same image with a ‘5’ instead of a ‘4’ so maybe it’s just a count down. This image comes with the promise of ‘something fast’. So what are they going to announce on the day before MWC? Authentic and fast, is it a new device…the day before MWC??

Source – Official HTC Facebook Page.