Android most used OS in UK

The Guardian have posted some great statistics on the number of OS installations across the UK which shows, perhaps unsurprisingly to a lot of us, that Android is now more widespread than iOS in the UK.

Android now has a 36.9% share of the smartphones in the UK according to a survey by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. Apple is now in second place, with 28.5% share.

Obviously these figures don’t represent the brand of the phone itself, it’s likely that Apple is still the most popular brand but that’s not surprising with there being many different brands sporting Android.

I know that I jumped to Android from iOS late last year, disappointed that Apple didn’t upgrade the iPhone sufficiently for my liking when I was looking for a new handset. I wonder how many others have made a move for similar reasons.

This is the downside of Apple only having a limited number of handsets, there are so many different smartphones to chose from running Android. Now that Apple are rumoured to be putting their iPhone release schedule back to Autumn, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this gap widen further.

Apple may well have to do something awesome with the iPhone 5 to win back their defectors…

Head over to The Guardian for the full story and all the nitty gritty numbers on the other OSes and where they sit in the results.