Deezer – App Review

Here’s a nice little surprise that’s been around a while …. More Online Music than you can shake a stick at too!

Deezer! For those of you familiar with Google Music, Spotify, etc will probably know and love the ability to listen to anything you fancy without the need for digging around your CD collection.

Here are my likes:-

  1. Very simple and intuitive interface – clean and clutter free
  2. Very responsive, no hanging around on the search or scrolling through albums
  3. Multiplatform – Android, iOS, Blackberry, Logitech, Sonos, Samsung & Sony Ericsson platforms too – they’ve got it covered!
  4. Deezer will become the only truly worldwide music streaming service, being soon available throughout Europe, South America, Western Africa, Northern Africa, Canada, South-East Asia and Australia over the coming weeks

In September 2011 Deezer launched in the UK offering the following stand-alone options to consumers:

Discovery Mode (Free) – The Discovery Mode on PC/Mac and mobile devices allows you to listen to radio channels and smart radio (unlimited listening) and to music on demand in 30-sec clips
Free Trial – If you want to try out the premium services, you can sign up for a 15-day free trial. You’ll have the ability to unsubscribe during the 15 days, no commitment, no payment due
Premium – £4.99/month – Unlimited streaming on any PC/Mac in enhanced sound quality, no ads.
Premium+ – £9.99/month – Unlimited streaming, on PC/Mac and all handheld devices online or offline

For me – it’s two thumbs fresh!…