Argos has white San Francisco for £62.99

Argos Online are showing the White version of the Orange San Francisco with a price of £62.99. This is a very good bargain, considering the specs that while not being top end are certainly better than the price indicates.

I would say if you’re on the look out for a spare phone or want to try out the Android experience, you can’t go far wrong.

The grey version is also available for the same price.

Argos has white San Francisco for £62.99


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  • Anonymous

    That’s a steal :)

  • Hmmm… at that price it could be one for ROM experimentation :)

  • Murz

    Showing a s £109.99 :(

  • UncleBob

    The problem with the OSF, is that where do you go next??? It’s such a good phone, I’m now going have to spend over 200quid on the next phone to get  a noticable difference.