The Countdown To Mobile World Congress

Next Sunday (26th) we have the unofficial start to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona…. why unofficial? Well the real conference starts on the 27th but every year more and more manufacturers want to show off their new gadgets a day early, and this year is no different with at least 2-3 events going on from the likes of ZTE and Sony.

Every year we register on the site to attend using the ‘Press’ pass as this gives us access to the all important and vital press lounge with painfully slow WiFi (if it works) and no space because it is already full.  Still, it’s still WiFi and it lets us post on the move when possible.

There is one slight annoyance with registering as press though.  Whilst we love getting invitations about new products, handsets, services from everyone, there’s also a TONNE of emails received about things the site would not cover normally, but the PR companies email EVERYONE in the hope of getting those diaries full.

So now in any single day there are about 100 emails coming into our inbox with invitations, this video gives you a great idea of what it’s like… 😉

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With MWC kicking off next Sunday be sure to keep a look out for all our coverage right here on CoolSmartPhone!

Now back to some coffee and emails!