Cornerstone Multitasking for Ice Cream Sandwich Tablets

I love it when developers make nice useful tablet optimised apps. Apps that actually use the space available on the tablet screen. Well I spotted something yesterday that looks to really improve how I would use my tablet.

It is called Cornerstone and it uses a side panel with two mini screens on it. This enables you to run three different things at once all on the screen at the same time.

Cornerstone Multitasking for Ice Cream Sandwich TabletsCornerstone Multitasking for Ice Cream Sandwich Tablets

It really looks like this will be really useful. The Cyanogenmod team have got interested in this as well. So if you have a CM9 tablet device then this could be making it’s way to you soon. The developers have open sourced the code. So expect variations of this for a variety of tablets soon. In the meantime here is a video from the developer showing how it works. I am just hoping someone makes this into a nice easily installed apk for my Transformer Prime.

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