Amazon MP3 receives tablet friendly update

In the last few days Amazon have updated their MP3 purchasing and playing app. They have actually made it Ice Cream Sandwich and tablet friendly. It is pretty nice and allows you to buy and download music using your Amazon account. It is also nice that for once this is available in the UK. If Google Music was this easy they would be making an absolute packet. All Amazon need to do is add unlimited cloud storage to this and they might steal the rug from under Google.

If we lived in America though this app would do exactly that. Do these companies think we can’t handle cloud music storage AND purchasing songs through the app, at the same time. I assure you Amazon and Google I CAN HANDLE IT! Maybe one day one of them will implement both. I will then quickly uninstall the loser.

Amazon MP3 receives tablet friendly updateAmazon MP3 receives tablet friendly update






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