Does Apple Provide Fair Working Conditions?

Does Apple Provide Fair Working Conditions?

If they don’t, they will soon! Yesterday Apple had a Goldman Sachs Keynote. The first thing that was brought to attention and dealt with promptly was the rumours of poor working conditions in Apple’s supply chain facilities.

Tim Cook:

“First thing everyone should know is that Apple takes working conditions very seriously, and we have for a very long time,” said Cook. “Whether they are in Europe, Asia or the United States, we care about every worker. I’ve spent a lot of times in factories personally, not just as an executive. I worked in papermill in Alabama and an aluminum factory in Pennsylvania; I care, and we have hundreds of employees who work in our factories full time. They care too. We are very connected to worker conditions on a granular level.”

Tim went on to explain about education of staff and that underage labour is “abhorrent” but from what he says, it does happen, not for much longer though.

There is to be a major audit performed by Fair Labour Association which could prove to be the “most detailed factory in the history of manufacturing” and in the mean time, until the audit is complete and results are published you can see weekly reports available monthly on Apple’s website for the compliance of worker hours in the factories. They could be worth a read.