Carbon Twitter client released for Windows Phone

One of the most eagerly anticipated apps of recent times has been Carbon for Windows Phone 7. It is a Twitter client that has been floating around for a few months now in beta form. The developers also submitted the app to the Windows Phone Marketplace a few weeks ago and had it declined. Luckily for them various high profile people on Twitter picked up their plight and helped out. Then this morning the app finally appeared on the marketplace. Here are some screenshots from the app.

Carbon Twitter client released for Windows PhoneCarbon Twitter client released for Windows PhoneCarbon Twitter client released for Windows PhoneCarbon Twitter client released for Windows Phone

I have yet to try this out. We will probably bring a full review in a few weeks. In the meantime here is the MarketPlace description.

Twitter experience for your digital Metro life.

Simple, unique, and yet feature rich. Kitchen sink included! All of Twitter on one screen. No need to tap many buttons to reach to desired timelines. Apart from your all day timelines, Lists, Saved Searches, Retweets, all accessible through a unique timeline called Quick Line. Images right on the Timeline, if you choose to enable it! Get a full view of images without even leaving the Timeline. Double tap on a tweet to start a quick reply without leaving the timeline that you’re skimming through.

Access your profile right from the home screen and check out your stats and favorites without even going to a new screen. Oh, and tiles! Compose Tile, pin this beautiful tile on your phone’s home screen and start tweeting in seconds without having to open the whole application. You can do the same with a Search Tile. Live tiles too! So you don’t miss any of your mentions or messages notifications.

And if we add more tiles, we’ll be starting a flooring business. We’ve got you covered in Multi Account support, Read Later, Image Upload, Custom URL shortening, Threaded Direct Messages and image & video Previews right in the app.

And, Push Notifications are coming soon, real soon!

Link – Windows Phone MarketPlace