Strange Android stuff I’ve found this week

Yay it’s Friday. So close to the weekend. What do we need to distract from work today? Some strange apps that’s what. Boy is today a little odd. The last one may be a tiny bit nsfw. It depends if you are surrounded by old ladies who don’t like wobbly buttocks.

First up we have “Dog Screen Cleaner” . I have two dogs, I hate being licked by them. It makes me shudder just thinking about it. Someone obviously enjoys it though, as they have made an app of loads of dogs licking his camera screen. These dogs appear to be “cleaning” your phone from the inside. Take a look at the video below. Odd.

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Secondly we have “Milk The Cow” which is one of many cow milking apps. I’m guessing some people REALLY like udders and milking. Hey I’m not judging, I’m just surprised at the number of milking apps on the market. One even lets you add your own photos so you can milk your friends, your teachers, your mum or even next door neighbours. That app doesn’t work though luckily.

This one does. The market description actually makes sense as well “Have you ever milked the cow? Check how fast you can milk her and compete with your friends 🙂 If you like milking cow please rate it with 5 stars on android market. It motivates cow to give more milk :)”

Strange Android stuff Ive found this weekStrange Android stuff Ive found this week

Lastly we have “Magic Butt – Interactive ass” which is a live wallpaper, where you set it and you confronted with a pair of buttocks and you prod them, pinch them, rub the Tegra zone app on them and many more things. I don’t really need to say much more because there is a video to go with the app. Enjoy.

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