Gripsta smartphone holder review

The Gripsta is a smartphone holder made by a company who have been making foam products for twenty years. I had a look at their website and I realised that they were VERY brightly coloured phone holders.

The Gripsta team nicely sent me a box of the brightly coloured things and my initial reaction was “wow they’re made of that squidgy stress relief stuff that’s nice to bite…..” that went down well in the office.

The Gripsta has a good few uses you can use it to hold your phone in either portrait or landscape mode. You can use it at the office to keep your phone at the right angle to see new messages etc. Lying around the house watching videos or listening to music you can use a Gripsta to prop the phone at a good angle. You could use the Gripsta to hold your phone whilst you make a hands free call or video call. You can also use the Gripsta to hold your phone and then wedge the phone and the Gripsta between your head and your shoulder.

The Gripsta is a pretty cool simple idea. Samsung users may get a little frustrated as phones like the Nexus S, Galaxy S, Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Nexus have the power button on the side where the foam is gripping on. Whilst watching video this isn’t a problem, it just might annoy some people. I think the Gripsta could turn into a pretty cool universal car holder and somehow they could make a tablet wedge out of the same material.

You can buy the Gripsta from them directly where they are £9.95 plus postage each. Here is the link to their site. Next up are a few shots of the Gripstas in action holding a selection of my phones. Don’t ask what is stuck to the back of the SGS2, details next week.

Gripsta smartphone holder reviewGripsta smartphone holder reviewGripsta smartphone holder reviewGripsta smartphone holder reviewGripsta smartphone holder reviewGripsta smartphone holder reviewGripsta smartphone holder reviewGripsta smartphone holder reviewGripsta smartphone holder reviewGripsta smartphone holder review

If you like the look of these we may be having a little competition to win one. Keep your eyes out for a post about it.

British intelligence makes smartphones smarter.           

Making smartphone accessories here in the UK may seem neither sane nor sensible in the light of the Chinese onslaught. But hurtling its way from the innovative labs of a Lake District company to phone users across the world is Gripsta.

Gripsta is a quirky desk top phone holder that works in lots of different ways with all leading smartphone brands. This vividly coloured foam gadget may not embody the latest cutting edge nano-technology, but nonetheless it’s pretty darn useful.

“This is far from being just a gimmick,” insists Cat Stables, the firm’s marketing manager. “It holds your phone upright on your desk or bedside table, you can angle it in either portrait or landscape, you can tuck it under your ear, and it makes texting a whole lot easier.”

“Our users are reporting that while indoors they never have their phones out of their Gripstas.”

Gripsta comes from the specialist foam company Urofoam Ltd – who design and make products ranging from components for Koenigsegg Sports cars, bits for high tech lightweight robots, to ear plugs for horses (really!)

Attractively priced for under £10 the Gripsta can be bought direct from the website and from a range of resellers including Amazon. Corporate clients can have them printed with their logos for promotional campaigns.

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