Three Web Cube Hands On

We just had a Web Cube arrive from the team at Three UK to test out, review and put though its paces.  Data is something we cover a lot on the site from the AYCE Challenge to other data news you might have seen recently.

So when I got an email asking would I like a cube to trial of course my answer was YES!.

So the Web Cube arrived about an hour ago, the first thing I did was record an unboxing video.  Now before i get the normal comments, yes the video was recorded single handed with a camera it was not a professional setup with tripods or backlighting you see on some other sites but considering this device has only just started to appear on sale I wanted to get the video up as soon as possible to share with everyone.

Once the device has been used for a while I will be doing a bigger proper review with more photos, videos and thoughts on how well it is working so far.

In case you don’t know what the Cube is… it’s like Mobile WiFi (MiFi) but plugged into your power at home to be an internet connection around your house.  No need for a router, no need for a phone line just a SIM card and a power socket.

So here we have…… the Web Cube by Three!

Video link – Youtube


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Link: Three Web Cube

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