EXCLUSIVE: Nokia Lumia 710 £200 PAYG On Three

Whilst shopping yesterday I went into a Three store and asked about the Nokia Lumia 710 which was on a massive poster at the front of the shop but there was no dummy on display, the new brochures had not come into any stores yet and the phone was not online either, all we knew was it is coming to Three.

However we can now exclusively confirm that the Nokia Lumia 710 will cost £200 on PAYG from information I was told at the store where the salesperson had the pricing in front of him.

We did not ask about contract pricing at the time (mainly because I did not even expect to get a PAYG price).  This might well change with launch still being a few days away but what is for sure is there is pricing in store ready for it to come in and a PAYG price will set you back £200