Strange Android Stuff I’ve found this week

Yes it’s that time again. I’ve got you some weird apps to mock. If you do install these please check the permissions. Some really odd stuff is just a front to stealing all of your info.

First of all we have “Boys Vs Girls” which is an app which will help you decide which are better. Boys or Girls? The app seems to try and help you through a break up by telling how rubbish girls or boys are. The description clearly and concisely outlines what the app does.

“There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved. But many relationship does not last long. There is only one reason for the break up. Yes it is because of poor understanding among them. This app helps you to have a good relationship with your loved one.

If we find out answers to the below 6 questions, we can really have a good relationship with our loved one.

1. What do boys like from girls?
2. What do boys dislikes from girls?
3. What do boys expect from girls?
4. What do girls like from boys?
5. What do girls dislike from boys?
6. What do girls expect from boys?

Both Girls and Boys will not share their problem with each other , EGO will stop them. These app helps you to share your feelings and correct your mistakes.

Everything in life is temporary, because everything changes. That’s why it takes great courage to love, knowing it might end anytime but having the faith it will last forever.

This is the initial version of the app. Keep on update and look for more features in future.

With Lots of Love

OK, that was odd. I’m still not sure what they are doing here. The screenshots for the app just confuse matters a bit more.

Strange Android Stuff Ive found this weekStrange Android Stuff Ive found this week

I guess you can contribute to this life long argument by adding your vote to the different categories. Maybe if enough of us vote boys will be announced victorious.

This weeks second app is “Egg Breaking” it is for those people in life who like eggs. Specifically turning eggs around or cracking eggs. Not many of you out there I imagine.

The market description is typically confusing.

“By shaking, You can break the egg.
In the state the egg is cracked, By Touching, You can open the egg.
In the state the egg is not cracked, When you touch, The egg turn around to the touched direction.

Occasionally, something another that is not yolk comes out…?!”

Strange Android Stuff Ive found this weekStrange Android Stuff Ive found this week

Please please please can someone reassure me that this is not one of those pervy apps for people with rather niche market tastes.

Lastly this week we have “Rip her clothes 01” which is strange. Here is the description as I’m a little lost for words.

“Rip her clothes, Season 01! Use your fingers to rip the picture of the beauty model which in normal dress! And the inside of the clothes will be showed! It is the best app for you today!! ”

So you get a picture of the beauty model and you swipe across the picture and you rip off those clothes. Again lost for words, here are the screenshots

Strange Android Stuff Ive found this weekStrange Android Stuff Ive found this week

The fact that the first model is smiling amuses me. She is blissfully unaware of what the photo was going to be used for. She probably thought that she was just posing in front of a whiteboard for a school brochure. The second model seems to have a vague understanding of what’s going on though.

That’s it for this week. Bye.