Galaxy SII+ Pictured leaked?

A leaked image of what we assume is the upcoming Galaxy SII + has just appeared on Twitter. The shot, which has appeared on the Twitter feed of Eldar Murtazin, shows a device which looks pretty much the same as the existing Galaxy SII. The only real differences we can see are the buttons at the bottom, which are laid out slightly differently.

If nothing else, it shows that the new Galaxy device isn’t going to go all fat and “family orientated” like most Plus models. :)

The Galaxy SII+ is said to include a faster CPU and Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Most of the other specs should be the same as the existing Galaxy SII.

Update – Hmm, after speaking with John from LandOfDroid it looks like this could just be a ham-fisted Photoshop mock-up. Why I autta!! (Shakes fist)

Link – Twitter

Galaxy SII+ Pictured leaked?

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  • Haroon

    It’s definately a bad photoshop job. If you look at the application icon it’s jagged not completely circular. The right hand side of the screen if you look a almost at the bottom it’s not straight. A new beta release of ICS was released by Samsung and it’s nothing like the version of ICS that’s presented in this picture. Maybe there’s a Samsung Galaxy SII+ about to be announced but it doesn’t look like this.