X Construction – An addictive puzzle type game for Android

I don’t generally play many games on my phone, usually saving that for my Xbox 360. Those games that I do play are generally puzzle games like Cut the Rope. This week a friend of mine got his first Android phone (the excellent Samsung Galaxy S2), switching over from his tired old Apple iPhone 3G.

One of his reasons for choosing Android was for a game that he introduced me to, and to which I am now hooked. I believe it has been out for a while, but I thought I would share it anyway… it’s called ‘X Construction’.

The idea is to build a bridge that is stable enough for the train to cross the valley safely. If the bridge is weak it will break and screams can be heard as the passengers fall to their death in the trains carriages (you might want to turn the sound down!). To build the bridge you are given a certain number of components, which you can add by drawing with your finger from one point to another. When you think the bridge is suitable, hit the play button and watch the train cross your bridge. If one of the components of the bridge is weak, it will start to glow red and will eventually break. This helps you to identify where the bridge needs extra work.

The full game costs 89p but the developer has also released a “lite” version with limited levels.

Get the app from the Android Market here: Full Version | Lite Version