GetJar free app store

GetJar is the worlds largest free app store with over 2 billion downloads to date. The company distributes more than 350,000 mobile applications for Android and 395,000 developers have registered with GetJar to distribute their apps. GetJar is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Seattle, the UK and Lithuania.

Well that’s how they describe themselves. I would say GetJar are rapidly becoming a daily place for me to check out their offerings of free games and apps. You may think that this may be illegal but it isn’t. What GetJar do is add app listings to their site and their mobile app. The listing will then either redirect you to the normal Android Market or if the app developer has agreed you can download the app from GetJar directly. They encourage this as they are aware of the number of devices without access to the Android Market. The AndyPad now ships with GetJar pre-installed for instance.

Recently GetJar have managed to get a few big name game developers on board. Gameloft have added Asphalt 6 and earlier this week MiniClip added Fragger exclusively to GetJar. The easiest way to get these apps is to download the GetJar app for you phone or tablet. Head to on your device and download the app. Make sure you have “Unknown Sources” ticked under Menu>Settings>Applications or the app can’t install.

GetJar free app storeGetJar free app store

The app will detect which sort of phone you have and filter the choice accordingly. Recently I have installed Asphalt 6, Tunein Radio Pro, Moron Test and Fragger. Once installed if you tap the gold star in the middle at the top you are given a long list of paid apps for free or you could use the search box. It is a great way to get some decent apps for free. Some of the apps you download may be add supported which will be how anyone makes any money from this. The only slight problem with these apps is that they don’t often get updated and if they do how do you know? You can follow @getjar on Twitter for starters as they announce updates and new and exciting apps. Maybe future versions of the app will advise that updates are available.