T-Mobile Add More Data Options

Today sees the launch of The Full Monty plan from T-Mobile here in the UK which offers 2000 Mins, Unlimited Texts and Internet from £36 a month!.

However that is not the only story, before now T-Mobile offered a 500MB data bundle with their deals on the promise you wont be charged for going over only have your speed restricted.  There was also an option to up this 500MB to 1GB but that was the top option.

Today T-Mobile have changed their data packages and the new ones allow for a price either 100MB, 750MB. 1.5GB or a whopping 5GB!

T Mobile Add More Data Options

T Mobile Add More Data Options

You also now get access to WiFi via BT Openzone which is another great move by T-Mobile who are part of Everything Everywhere which means you also get access to Orange signal as well.

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  • Dan… are you on commission?

    The reason I ask is that it still isn’t unlimited when you have to use a data bundle. In January, on my mobile I used 10.56gb of data. No extra charge, no speed restrictions on 3. Surely that’s a much better deal? No need to get so excited that a network is saying totally unlimited*!

    £19 on top of your contract for the highest tier of internet which is still limited. Over a two year contract that works out at £456. I always thought I could trust the reviews/news on this site. I’ve been coming here since you recommended the O2 xda stellar. That was a good phone!

    So please…. look at the competition when you write articles like this. A bit of balance would be nice.

    *Fair use policy/speed restriction/limits still apply… sucker!

    • SilentBob

      At least T-Mobile are giving this option (even if the pricing is a bit unrealistic). With Orange there is still no way to up the paltry amount of data included in the plan. I have had to take a much higher talk plan than I need on Orange just to get the slighter higher data allowance. THAT sucks. :(

  • Martin

    Yeah, I’m confused by these data offerings, why would you choose to pay an extra £19 per month for *super* if unlimited is £36.
    I suppose if you are on a sim only deal for £10 – £15 per month then an extra £14 or £19 per month is still cheaper than £36.

    Dan is just passing on the news, why should he have to mention that you can get unlimited on 3 for less? Why not ask him to mention giff-gaff as well?

    This is not the BBC you know? It is an independant website that just passes on the news as it happens.

  • Midlander

    T-Mobile used to be good value but at £19 consisting of a £10 pay monthly basic package plus a reasonable amount of Internet – phew!! Even makes Orange look cheap (although they are stingy on the Internet)……..