One tablet per person? No need anymore!

There have been lots of tablet bargains flying about recently. Some of you lucky people (James) have been snapping up more than one!

But for some of us a tablet is a luxury. One is more than enough for the whole household. There is a slight issue with this plan though, as every user see’s the same apps, uses the same settings and a whole other host of sames!  This is not ideal because Dad might have different taste in apps to Mum. Mum might like to use the Facebook app as well but she can’t because it has Dad’s login details.

Well ladies and gents, take a look at SwitchMe!  The wonderous app that will bring back individuality to your (rooted) android tablet.

Upon starting the app it asks for root permissions. Grant away! You are then asked to create some profiles. The first being the one you are currently logged in on. Next you can create a second profile.  This can either be a clone of the first, with the same apps etc.  Or you can start a fresh one.

This new profile upon booting the first time will be like a freshly wiped install of android. When it starts you can input the Google account details of the person you want to have this profile (mum). It will then sync and there you have it! A fresh install her indoors can do what she likes with!

One tablet per person? No need anymore!One tablet per person? No need anymore!

A couple of extra pointers. On the new fresh install profile SwitchMe is one of the pre-installed apps so that you can find your way back to the original profile. I went into the settings of the app (in both profiles) and set a system persistent notification so to enable easy switching (so it appears in the notification area). There is also an option for fast profile switching. This appears to just ‘hot reboot’ so it doesn’t take so long.

All in all this is just the app I have been looking for and it works perfectly on my TouchPad so I can’t help but give it 5 out of 5!

So now you don’t need to go out and buy that second or third tablet you were thinking about!

Link – Android Market