T-Mobile “Full Monty” Plan to arrive on February 1st

T Mobile Full Monty Plan to arrive on February 1stA new plan, called “The Full Monty”, is set to arrive on T-Mobile. For just £36 p/m this is said to include “truly unlimited data” along with 2000 any-network, any-time minutes.

The package also includes unlimited text, unlimited calls to other T-Mobile users and there’s even free 08xx calls and free voicemail too.

According the a tipster at TechnoBuffalo it’ll cost £36 for 2 years. no matter what handset you choose, marking a significant change in the pricing model used by networks. It’ll also rival “The One Plan” from Three.

It throws up a lot of questions. The flat rate for any handset will mean that people will probably want the flashiest and most expensive handset, so it could encourage smartphone sales. Will tethering be allowed? We’ll let you know more news when we have it.

Link – TechnoBuffalo

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  • Free 08xx calls? 0844, 0871 etc too? That’s a novelty then. :-o

  • Billinge

    I’m looking for a new deal with at least;
    300 mins (cross network), 100-300 texts, a healthy amount of data to include tethering for occasional use, (doesn’t have to be unlimited) and free voicemail calls.
    Ideally I’d like this for around £15 pm
    Any suggestions?
    Has anyone any experience of 3 mobile’s PAYG AYCE add-on for £15pm.  What are the data speeds like?

    • Trevor

      I’ve been using Three’s £15 PAYG for about a month now and I’m very happy with it. Not sure if tethering is “allowed”, but I have been using my tablet tethered to my Omnia W (WP7) on the train and the speed is very good – well, 3G good…

      The 3G signal from Three is pretty strong, even in the middle of Manchester. I live in the high peak and still get good signal strength there too.

  • Anonymous

    For £864 you’d expect this.

    From my experience with T-Mobile:

    1. They rarely/if ever charge for going over the data cap (2 reps have told me they don’t).
    2. Tethering isn’t officially allowed but I’ve never been charged more for doing it. Still I don’t do it that often (until I get a tablet).