Notion Ink Adam 2 will have Texas Instruments parts

Notion Ink have announced a new version of their Adam tablet. This time they will be using a Texas Instruments instead of the Tegra chip they used last time.

With the original Notion Ink had a rough time actually getting the tablets to market and then they had firmware issues. Lets hope this time the tablet is easier to get hold of and of an overall better quality.

The specs for the Adam 2 do sound impressive..

– OMAP44XX processor
– Wi-Link 7.0
– Phoenix Audio Power Amplifiers
– IceCream Sandwich
– Imagination Technologies’ super-fast PowerVR SGX5XX GPU

The first Adam had a decent spec including 1GB of RAM so no doubt this will have at least that this time. Notion Ink also created a clever interface to go over Android called Eden, it was a clever mix of a launcher and special optimized tablet apps. At the time the interface was way ahead of other tablets. It quickly got ported to various other devices. Notion Ink haven’t announced any more details about the Adam 2 yet. So all we can do is speculate. Hence the image of the Adam 1 for our thumbnail. Below is the press releases from last week. ..

21 January 2012, Bangalore

Notion Ink has partnered with Texas Instruments (TI) Incorporated for its next generation Adam II Tablets. Adam II will be using OMAP44XX processor along with other TI components like Wi-Link 7.0 and Phoenix Audio Power Amplifiers. Adam II will also leverage the power optimizations achieved using mature combination of TI’s integrated power-management IC.

Designed specifically for best Power Performance and Multi-tasking Experience, Adam II will be based on Google’s IceCream Sandwich Operating System.

The OMAP44XX platform’s smart multicore architecture pairs its main CPUs with several differentiated features including programmable accelerators, hardware composition engines and a dedicated ISP. Imagination Technologies’ super-fast PowerVR SGX5XX GPU and enhanced memory architecture add still more functionality while an OMAP-specific distributed composition architecture enables advanced image and video layering for crisp, HD visuals. These elements and more are the force behind the OMAP44XX processor’s ability to enable fast and fluid multitasking while maintaining ultra-low power consumption.

Adam II will release world’s first Modular Based Software Architecture which will further expand the scope of application development and use nearly every single hardware feature in a “user customizable” application. Drag and drop features will enable easy application modification and Open Source Module will further expand the use cases and tablet deployment. Node operations like in Blender, and “Application Authoring Tools” are primarily aimed at non-programmers for composing applications, games and use-case flows in a drag-and-drop fashion, utilizing visual editors and behavior-based logic system.

System will help consumers, professionals and students become productive as they will be able to use the tablet as alogic analyzer, medical imaging device, signal acquisition and processing, 3D modeling and multi-media.

For more information about TI OMAP processors, visit and for Adam II

Source – Notion Ink