Strange Android stuff I’ve found this week

You may have noticed that it is Friday. For us that means one thing. It’s time for our weekly roundup of strange Android apps. Nothing too weird this week. No girls at bus stops!

First of all I came across “123 Birthday surprise” which is an app designed to do away with all of the hassle of organising a surprise birthday for someone. Instead of inviting people and hiring a venue, just download this app instead. Find somewhere to hide and get ready. When you victim friend appears quickly load up the app and away you go. Here are some shots of the app in action.

Strange Android stuff Ive found this weekStrange Android stuff Ive found this weekStrange Android stuff Ive found this week

The developer promises many things in the market description. “Everybody likes surprises! Everybody likes birthday parties! Surprise your friends, loved ones and colleagues with this interactive surprising birthday greeting. Let them open the door and discover you arranged a surprise party for them, with friends, confetti DJ and more. They will love it!” Bold claims.

Please let us know if indeed your friends, loved ones or colleagues do actually “love it” when you whip this app out instead of organising a huge party.

Next up we have “Tickle the beauty”. I’m guessing here that I had strayed into some sort of weirdo corner on the market when I found this. You basically have a woman on a bed and you have to tickle her. You prod the screen tickle her and to quote the developer “She is also doing amazing voices when tickled” it doesn’t end there though as she also moves around a bit. You have to prod the screen tickle her quick enough to stop her falling asleep. Here are some shots of “the beauty” awaiting a good tickling.

Strange Android stuff Ive found this weekStrange Android stuff Ive found this week

I am really am lost for words with this one. I guess I must have missed something with tickling in the past. Maybe I’ll read up on why tickling is so great.

For some reason there are a lot of shaving apps on the market. “ài-Shave” is a prime example of the this strange and pointless genre. This app basically lets you pretend you are shaving. The developer whilst trying to write up the description decided it would good to try and target the family audience. They put “The android virtual shaving fun for the whole family to use”. You get two power settings and it even uses the proximity sensor to decide when to start buzzing away pointlessly. You also get strange coloured stuff falling down the screen as you “shave”. Here are the screenshots.

Strange Android stuff Ive found this weekStrange Android stuff Ive found this week

Lastly you may have seen games like “Splat Bugs” were bugs crawl down the screen and you tap the screen to squish them. Well someone decided to get a frog and show it the game. Here is the video of the whole escapade. I think the Frog got it’s revenge in the end.

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  • Aidanapword

    Security requirements on the “Tickle The Beauty” look a little suspect?
    Why does it need full internet access?