Android stats for Q4 announced

While we’re talking fourth quarter numbers, Google have just announced another stonking set. There’s now 250 million Android activations around the world and 11 BILLION Android app downloads. Now, you may remember that back in November Android had 200 million activations.. so.. you can see what’s happening here.

It’s not all good news though. The figures from Google failed to impress investors and quarterly earnings per share were down by nearly a dollar from the expected $10.49. Costs are up too, increasing by 30%. Growth in Europe and revenue on search results and adverts was damaged by the contining financial crisis and….

.. 11 BILLION app downloads. That’s … just… nuts.

Whatever way you look at it, Google still managed to post quarterly earnings of $10.58 billion. Hmm.. nearly 1 dollar for each app download.

Link – Wall Street Journal