HTC Desire S handsets getting an upgrade

If you’ve got a Desire S then there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll have noticed it change recently. The new Android 2.3.5 update appears to have rolled out and many of you are enjoying the new features and improvements, although we’ve had contact from a number of people who are annoyed anbout the new “rings” on the main lock screen.

We’d love to hear from you if you have recently upgraded yours.
HTC Desire S handsets getting an upgrade

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  • Peter Rich

    My “Ex” has received the upgrade on her Desire S and seem quite happy. I got the 2.3.5 and Sense 3.0 upgrades a couple of months back and like the new rings on the lock screen. Pity we had to lose the Car Panel feature though.

  • Anonymous

    This update was actually released in October but for some strange reason wasn’t distributed widely. I kept trying to get it in my Desire in December as I was stuck on Sense 2.0 but with no luck. When I emailed HTC they said that different handsets would receive it at different times but that’s not really the answer customers want to hear.

    Not only do we have to wait for updates to be developed but once they are there’s then an even longer wait for them to be released. I had an unlocked and unbranded phone but this didn’t help the matter at all.

    In the end I had to use XDS to find the RUU file and update that way.