Is This The Samsung Galaxy S III?

Whilst doing my lunchtime scan of the internet for news and seeing what is going on in the world of tech, it looks like Samsung might have accidentally outed the Galaxy S III in a YouTube video showing off CES highlights.

Now there could be two answers here.  Either this is just a mock device showing off some features from Samsung of their services or it could actually be the real deal!

The rumored 4.6 inch HD screen with super thin bezel matches the images above and from initial impressions looks realistic.

Thankfully we only have just over a month until Mobile World Congress where we should get to see the real device live and in person.

Edit – Ah.. we’ve been informed that this is actually the Galaxy S2 HD and GSMArena plus many other sites have obviously got it wrong. We’ll be on the lookout for the real S3 next month. 🙂

Link – GSMArena