Sony Xperia S in white to be exclusive to Phones4U at release

The upcoming Sony Xperia S in white will be exclusive to Phones4U at release. Which means that the networks are only going to be getting the black model at first. O2 Orange and Three have all mentioned they will be stocking the Xperia S.

Sony Xperia S in white to be exclusive to Phones4U at release

Phones4U have set up a pre-register page here for you to give them your details to be contacted when it’s available. No mention of prices yet. No mention of dates yet. In fact the pre-register page doesn’t even mention the colour.

I really like the idea of this. Especially in white. It’s just the thought of what Sony have done to the nice new ICS software that makes me shudder.

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  • Moo Moo Head

    Why, want is wrong with it, their 2.3 overlay is ok.

    • Marcus

      I was thinking the same. In fact wasn’t there a blog post where SE made a lot of noise about how they had contributed a fair bit to the design of ICS with panoramic photos and the fade out animation…

  • James Pearce

    I just don’t like the skins manufacturers put over Android. Especially the Ice Cream Sandwich. Admittedly it will not be as bad as what Samsung do to the Galaxy S2 and the Note. Now that will be a mess.

    • Moo Moo Head

      I doubt it will be a mess, I think Samsung will sort it out so it is as smooth as possible.
      Unlikely to release something that will have detrimental effect on their selling ability, since they are on a roll with the SII.
      I do wonder to myself now and then why manufacturers do put the skins over the real thing. OK, it mite be to¬†differentiate¬†themselves from the other Android handset makers, but if they didn’t and just had the standard ICS but with inbuilt Apps for their products surely the turn around time for release of android versions would be much quicker, they would sell more and more people would use their services?
      I am also amazed the no one had a ICS handset at CES, not even one behind glass, or did I just miss them.
      The Motorola interview on Engadget, the women said Q2 2012 for the Razr line…. it came out same time as the Nexus, do Google give certain time span for the Nexus phones before the others can upgrade the handsets?

      • James Pearce

        The leaked Galaxy S2 ics rom’s look like an awful mix up of the current Gingerbread rom and the Galaxy Nexus rom.
        I’m not looking forward to my phone updating to it.