Strange Android stuff I’ve found this week

We recently looked at some downright odd apps on the Android Market. Since then I have come across a few more odd things. I have also decided that Friday is going to be a good day for odd stuff.

Now and again some of these apps might not be off the best taste. If that is not your thing then skip the next app.

“Girl Fart” is the epitome of ridiculous apps. The Market description is as follows


look! What a hot girl over there in the bus stop! A bald man is peeping at her!
The smart girl wants farting and she doesn’t let others notice this, so she has to fart when any vehicles pass by.”

What more can I say? Well the idea of this “Game” is to tap on the girl when a vehicle goes past and she farts. That’s it. Helping a girl fart. Oh and by the way over a million people have downloaded this. I guess lots of people are enjoying the Girl/Farting/Bus Stop/Bald guy peeping combination going on here.

Strange Android stuff Ive found this weekStrange Android stuff Ive found this week

“I Eat Cockroaches” is something that I just don’t get. Girls Farting is obviously some sort of perv thing. But this is just strange. The Market description for this is just as strange.

“Drink cockroaches from your phone!

Make yourself a cockroaches cocktail,

you can spice it with lemon or serve it ice cold.

Eat them big and juicy or eat the small and crunchy ones, they’re all taste good 🙂

Finish this healthy High-protein meal, with a large echoing burp, And try not to choke 🙂

Bon appetite”

So you fill up a glass with Cockroaches and then try trick your dumb friends into thinking you are drinking Cockroaches. I guess the stupider your friends are the better. Please let me know if you actually manage to trick someone with this.

Strange Android stuff Ive found this weekStrange Android stuff Ive found this week

The next app “Stop the bus” solves a problem I have actually thought of in the past. Picture the scene, you’re sat on a bus, it’s very busy, you can’t get to the button in time to make the noise to stop the bus. What if you could make that noise loud enough on your phone. Would the bus stop? Well that’s exactly what this app aims to do. With one disclaimer though (a badly translated one at that!) “Please actually note not stopping.”

Strange Android stuff Ive found this week

First of all let me say “Nice artwork”.

I’m guessing this app will not actually stop the bus. But as my parents always used to say to me at Christmas “It’s the thought that counts”. At least the developer is trying to solve a worldwide problem with his app.

Another slight problem with this app is it makes a noise like no bus bell I have ever heard. It is more like a doorbell. Maybe you could trick people into thinking you have rung there doorbell with it instead!

It should also be noted that the developer also has a penchant for odd apps. They have an app for simulating touching two different animals and an app to replicate the excitement of touching a really basic phone.

So that’s it for this week. Please please let me know if you can trick your friends with the Cockroach app. Oh and please don’t try and stop any buses with the Stop the bus app. I would hate for you to miss your stop because you were too busy making doorbell noises.