Asus Padfone video demo

Asus were at CES this week. Apart from confusing people with a newer model of the Transformer Prime they also demonstrated the Asus Padfone. It has been a while since the Padfone was first announced and it now runs Ice Cream Sandwich which will make transition from phone to tablet a lot easier.
Asus Padfone video demo
Here is the video, one slightly worrying thing is the lag moving from screen to screen. I guess this will be sorted on release.

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  • I’m so getting me this!

  • Someoneoutthere

    Nice concept

  • Martin

    Do you have to by the two together? Or can you buy the phone and then the tablet later?
    Cost could be a killer for this.
    It is certainly an interesting idea.
    The lag is strange, I would expect some, but not that much.

  • Martin

    Oh dear, I have just done a search as I wanted to know the specs of the phone and there is one company in the UK that is showing the device and the price is £699 from flagship Fones.
    Hopefully they are just in for some pre-order profit as I really cannot see this selling very well for that amount of money.