Monaco Extreme Car Charge Review

Monaco Extreme Car Charge ReviewOK, big news people. YouTube has a new video editing option called “Stabilize”. That’s it, no more one-handed wobble-cam videos… well, maybe just a few eh?

Today we’ve had some more stuff to review. This is the Monaco Extreme Car adapter from the guys at It’s normally $29.95 but you can pick it up for $14.95 right now, which translates to around £9.67.

You know how it is. Most modern smartphones are absolutely bobbins when it comes to battery life. Turn your phone on, use the GPS to navigate somewhere, browse the web for a while, take some photos and.. oh… the battery is going flat. Most of us will have a car charger but this one has two outputs. One supplies 1 amp, the other shunts out 2.1 amps. Now, I’m not going to get into all the electrical mathematics but let’s just say that more is better. Ever plugged your phone into your laptop to charge it? You’ll probably have noticed that it’ll take an absolute age to charge. That’s probably because you’re only getting about 500 milliamps from your standard laptop USB port.

Monaco Extreme Car Charge Review

Plug your smartphone into a wall charger and you’ll be getting 1 amp. That’s pretty much what you need to charge the phone properly and this is where the first 1 amp socket comes in. Plonk your smartphone into here and it’ll charge just as if you’re at home.

Next up, the 2.1 amp USB port. This is good for charging tablets or the iPad and offers extremely fast charging. It’s an ideal charger if you’ve got two devices charging at the same time.

So then, over to my usual in-car overview. Today I’m cleaning out the car with my son, so I asked him to help out with the video. Be nice, he’s only three. 🙂

It doesn’t come with a USB cable but seemed to be pretty good value for money in our book.

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