Editorial – Windows Phone Communication Fail

Rather than updating the original blog post, Microsoft have spoken to ZDNet about the recent changes in how updates are delivered. It seems that there actually aren’t any changes, and everything is business is usual. Greg Sullivan, Senior Product Manager, has told Mary-Jo Foley that..

Nothing has changed in regard to how we work with carriers to deliver Windows Phone updates to our customers

Window Phone 7 Team Boss Joe Belfoire has also sent this update via Twitter…

ps – on updates, pls don’t overreact, our focus is on users first! As greg said “nothing has changed” in how we work w carriers on updates.

Now, whilst it may still be business as usual, the “Where’s my update” page is definitely history and this badly-worded communication hasn’t pleased Windows Phone users in any way.

What I can’t understand is why Microsoft aren’t saying “Sorry about the confusion”. Instead they’re telling people to “stop overreacting” when there’s many, many upset customers telling Microsoft how they feel in no uncertain terms. People aren’t over-reacting. Nearly every single one of the 170 comments on this original Microsoft blog post is negative, and that’s purely due to the way that the post was worded.

I say again. Look at the comments in this article. Listen to the customers. Windows Phone owners shouldn’t now have to trawl the internet to read a follow-up post on a completely different website.

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