HTC profits drop by a quarter

HTC profits drop by a quarter

Not brilliant news for HTC, especially just a month before Mobile World Congress… Profits have dipped by 25% in the last quarter. HTC has faced stiff competition from Samsung and Apple, with Nokia also above them in the smartphone maker leaderboard.

Sales fell in December by 20.3% but net profit for the whole of 2011 still rose by a massive 57%.

Link – BBC News

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  • Not particularly surprising to me, since all they are doing recently is releasing masses of dull, uninspired and very similiar devices that just aren’t attractive anymore. Their overloaded line-up reminds me Nokia before the iPhone-era.

  • Moo Moo Head

    Yes, actually I am quite glad they seemingly done less well this year, their follow up to the Desire should have been a winner, it wasn’t. I do not see many people with the Desire S.
    They need to check out Samsung on how to follow up on popular phone: Galaxy S >> Galaxy SII.
    Desire could have been their Galaxy, but eyes went off the ball. Desire 3 anyone?

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to think this is the backlash for them doggedly sticking to Sense but in reality it’s more likely just that the S2 was too good this year.

    • Joleen

      Dont think its to do with Sense, S2 or patents. They just aren’t innovating, they seem to be making more models of the same thing. They always seem to have bad cameras and this is a very important feature for a smartphone these days. I’m lost without my Desire S but the camera’s pushing me to another solution.