Galaxy Nexus 32GB coming to Expansys soon

Storage. There’s just never enough. Cast your mind back to 2005 when the Samsung SGH-i300 came out. Powered by Windows Mobile it had a hard drive on board. Yes, you heard right… a hard drive on a phone. Now, try not to laugh here, because this seemed like a lot of storage back then, but the Samsung SGH-i300 had a….


Can you feel that space? Can you? Go on…

Anyhow. Fast-forward 7 years (oh boy, feeling old yet?) and we’ve now got the Google Galaxy Nexus with 32GB of storage on-board. You can pre-order it now from the boys at Expansys. They say that it’ll arrive in the first week of February and should cost around £599.

There’s more on their blog.

Link – Expansys

Galaxy Nexus 32GB coming to Expansys soon