Samsung Galaxy SII on Orange now with NFC

The Samsung Galaxy SII is amazing. We know that, you know that. However, when Orange (and Barclaycard) launched their “contactless payment” service the Galaxy SII wasn’t listed as a supported handset. Actually, there weren’t a great deal of phones supporting the “touch to pay” system.

To do this magic trick you need a phone with NFC and the Galaxy SII doesn’t have it…

..actually, that’s not strictly true. Newer models on Orange now appear to have NFC. We’re not sure how to check whether an SII has this feature, but the new listing on the Orange site definitely mentions it.

Although we’ve been aware of the Orange Contactless Payments system for some time, reader Jorge Ferreira has only just found it and tipped us off…

Just spoke to Orange who said that the SII is an updated one and not the original SII. Apparently they have been offering this quick tap service since the summer. I think they need to review their marketing procedure as I didn’t know about it until I logged in to the Barclaycard website today.

We’ve had a tweet from @ste1164 with a bit more detail on all this. He says..

The i9100P / 9101 has NFC and Orange UK have started shipping this model. The i9100 does not.

Let us know if you have more info. We assume that checking your system sings should tell you if you have NFC or not. We’re trying to get hold of Orange PR for more details.

LinkĀ – Galaxy SII (Orange)
Credit – Jorge Ferreira

Samsung Galaxy SII on Orange now with NFC