Asus Prime now selling in the UK

Asus Prime now selling in the UK

Are you after a Asus Transformer Prime? Are you in the UK? It probably worth checking this thread over at xda-developers . It looks like units are starting to fly off the shelves from PC World and Currys. It seems that the larger PC World stores are the best bet at the moment, but let us know if you’ve got yours! They’re selling for £499.99 on the link below.

Asus Prime now selling in the UK

Oh, and it looks like someone has taken one apart already.

Links – PC World – XDA Developers
Credit – Terran Brown

Asus Prime now selling in the UK

Which Android are you running?
Xperia Arc HD teased again?
  • lol, flying off the shelves? They are not on sale as far as I can see, only up for pre-order.

  • Martin

    It is a bit embarrassing that they have had to remove GPS
    from the specs because of the metal case L

    It’ll be interesting if the ones shipped out by Asus after
    12th Jan will have ICS out of the box.

    I am sorely tempted to get one of these bad boys, I bought
    the missus an iPad for crimble and I am extremely impressed with it, £20 extra
    for a Prime with keyboard is very tempting, but, with an iPad already in the
    family should I get one too?

    Decisions, decisions,!
    I think I will pop into my local Currys / Pc worlds to see if any of them have stock.

  • Anonymous

    Wait for the updated version just announced at CES which resolves the WiFi and GPS issues.