Samsung Galaxy SII Getting ICS via Kies?

Wehay! Official Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy SII are arriving, and through the Samsung Kies software too….. apparently. Android 4.0.1 and Android 4.0.3 have leaked out, although it looks like there’ll be certain markets and variants getting the new OS update first. This roll-out has been cast into doubt by the guys at XDA-developers, and we’re more inclined to believe them.

There’s a video of the new update in action below and more detail on

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  • Tonesav

    Dumb headline officially the ics will appear via kies when it goes gold but this rom is a leak from samsroms nothing to do with kies in reality a first beta at best

    • ItemSize

      Actually, Tonesav, the leaks are pre-empters of the official update that will be a combination of 4.0.1 and 4.0.3 and it WILL be available of Kies quite soon actually.

      The headline is not dumb – you are.

  • Dan

    How will the SGSII update through Kies, I only have “Kies AIR” on my SGSII?

  • Datascoop Whiz Kid

    This is believable being that Kies and Samsung has some sort of partnership and what makes this even more legit is the that I even received an updated to 2.3.4 over the Kies app via Macbook. You guys might want to visit this link (copy and paste this link) ~>

  • Datascooped Whiz Kid

    Samsung Kies /ˈkiːs/ keess[1] is a software application used to communicate between the latest Samsung
    devices. The latest version is, and was released on Dec.
    01, 2011. It can be downloaded from the Samsung Global Download Center[2] (read my statement below the link is there) or the individual phone support pages. Also, Samsung is the developer of this app. NICE POST!!