Siri for Android is here… Kinda

There’s a stack of voice-control apps in the Android Market. Stick “Voice Assistant” in and you’ll see Vlingo, Speaktoit, Skyvi, Alice and a whole load more. There are, however, several apps calling themselves “Siri”. Some show themselves as “Fake Siri” but one is actually by a developer calling themselves “OFFICIAL APP”.

Now, there’s a couple of problems here. Firstly, this is nothing more than a shortcut icon to the Google Voice Action / Voice Search app and secondly, how can anyone get away with calling themselves “OFFICIAL APP” in the Android Market? It kinda opens the doors to adding several more apps and misleading people into thinking that these are official applications too. Oh, and the Apple Siri logo / button is used and abused too. Ahh well, it looks like it’s going to get pulled pretty soon, but Google really need to grip these fake and trash apps a little more.

Link – Android Market

Siri for Android is here... Kinda

Siri for Android is here... Kinda

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  • ItemSize

    Android will never have an equivalent to Siri.  The phones and OS simply aren’t powerful enough

    • JLee

      How can anyone state something SO FAIL. Its the same like to say at 2000 that there are never gonna be another touch screen phone or… in 1895 that cars will never out-compete horses! What, is SIRI a magic that only Apple posses..? :D   I know you worship these devices but don’t get pathetic. Its just a technology…. ;)