Jil Sanders Windows Phone – First Impressions

So, after this post from Leigh, some of you might be considering purchasing this phone.
Jil Sanders Windows Phone   First Impressions
We have one of these in the house, so I thought I’d share with you my first impressions.

The phone seems to be a slightly remodelled version of the LG Optimus 7. A first generation Windows Phone handset, but this doesn’t matter. I shall explain why…

Specifications imply this should be a relatively slow affair, but Windows Phone OS seems to do a very good job with comparatively mid-range specifications. In every day use, it’s very fast. My wife has changed from an iPhone 4 to this handset, and loves it. The Windows Phone OS is brilliantly different from anything else, yes the app store has a bit of catching up to do still, but that’s happening fast, and the main applications (at least the ones I use) are all there.

The phone itself has a good build quality. It’s not as premium as the adverts suggests, but good nonetheless. There is quite a lot of plastic, but it’s solid in the hand and feels good.

The included headphones sound great, have a good microphone, and a button so you can skip tracks without taking the phone out of your pocket. Also, the Windows Zune software is a pleasant change from iTunes. It too, looks lovely and is extremely easy to use.

The camera isn’t brilliant (for more details, just see reviews of the Optimus 7, as I’m sure it’s the same hardware) but the OS is pretty, fast and catching up quickly.

£150 doesn’t get you very much in the phone market these days, but this phone is terrific value for money.

If you want to know anything specifically in the meantime, you can use the comments below!

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  • Reehanjameel

    Who is Jill Sander?

  • Moo Moo Head

    Interesting to read that your wife is using this from her usual Iphone, my partner also changed recently from her Iphone to Nokia Lumia 800 and loves it, maybe a wiff of a wind of change on the horizon.
    If they catch up on the app front with IOS and Android, I will be tempted.

    • This is the thing.. it seems from anecdotal evidence at least, that MS are starting to gain some traction. I tell you this.. if I could buy a Windows Phone with a camera as good as my iPhone 4S, ad 32gb of memory I’d switch today. I love the way the OS looks, and most of my apps I use on my iPad.

      • mpw

        I’d also buy WP7 kit if the specs were boosted.  Currently, I favour the Samsung Focus S but it’d cost $750 import from US; the Lumia 800 is a very good phone but in 2-3 months out pops the 900 … do I want to spend the money now?  

        WP o/s needs spec improvements at a fast rate (not Q4 2012), more manufacturers on-board and  delivering multiple-choice handsets, phone operators then able to pick & choose the best handsets/pricing for the market and, of course, MS needs to continue (if not ramp up) its marketing (alongside side big player partners).

        Then I’ll be investing my £500+ in a WP handset.  The upcoming CES conference should tell us a lot about the direction and availability of WP and handsets!