Three UK Looking Into Femtocells?

On checking through the Three Blog tonight on a very interesting post about the future of the network and where the company are moving forwards, one of the team ‘Kaz’ has posted a reply to a comment from a customer which you can see below.

At present Vodafone offer their ‘Sure Signal’ box for £50 which gets plugged into your home WiFi connection and gives you your very own mast at home or the office to use.

O2 are testing the same technology under the name ‘BoostBox’ and we actually have one in the house at the moment testing for O2 and so far it works great.

The issue Three have is as they only have a 3G network at 2100Mhz whilst outdoor coverage is great, sometimes you struggle to get a signal indoors and this product will help get around that.

With deals such as The One Plan, All-You-Can-Eat data allowances, some of the best phones on the market today and an award winning HSPA+ network which will be getting even better in 2012, Three are a company to really watch in the new year!.

Link: Three Blog