Do you own a Samsung Nexus S? Have you been flashing all weekend?

Flashing Roms of course. This weekend a lot of activity has been happening in various Nexus S camps around the internet and if you own one you now have a lot of choice of which Rom to flash.

First of all Friday night Google announced that they would be rolling out the official Ice Cream Sandwich update to GSM devices over the next month. Luckily for the impatient people out there the files are also available for download. So you can flash it like any other Rom via Clockwork Mod. Or if you are not rooted just sit and wait patiently for the OTA update. Head over to this thread on XDA for the download.

Secondly the team over at Miuiandroid released a beta of the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich Miui Roms. Miui are a Chinese group of developers who makes beautiful Roms where almost every part of the Android system is changed to look better, From the Launcher through to the drop down widgets to the icons. A few weeks ago some pictures of the Miui version of Ice Cream Sandwich Rom were posted online and it looked great. They opened the Nexus S Rom up to beta testers and then over the weekend Mark at Miuiandroid translated the Rom and posted it for download. You can find more info out here.

Thirdly the Cyanogenmod team released alpha 15 of the upcoming Cyanogenmod 9 Rom for the Nexus S. Which takes the basic ICS Rom for the Nexus S and makes it better. You can get this via Rom Manager or via this thread here on XDA.

Also quite notably you can pick up a new Nexus S quite cheaply now. With sellers like this on Ebay selling new devices for about £219.99. So is now the time to get one? Or do you wait / save for the Galaxy Nexus? I am hoping that in the new year the prices on the Galaxy Nexus drop a bit.

So do you own a Nexus S? Have you already flashed on of these Roms? Are you trying to sell yours to part finance a Galaxy Nexus? Let us know?