Orange / T-Mobile 3G crossover now working?

Orange / T Mobile 3G crossover now working?

Well, it seems to be for us at least. Just a week after whacking their prices up, we received this text today from Orange. It basically means that you’ll be roaming across to the other network and receiving 3G data if you need to.

In theory you should now be without a 3G data confection a lot less.

More on the link below. Let us know if you’ve had this magic text message and how it’s improved your experience.

Link – Orange

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  • Amused of Tunbridge Wells

    Yes, there’s nothing I enjoy more than the sweet, sweet taste of third generation mobile connectivity…

  • Younggrant3

    had mine from tmobile lovely

  • Tjm21

    Got mine on the 13 dec at 09:12 to be exact :)

    • Anonymous

      At last! Goodbye to dropping onto 2G bobbins when switching networks!

      Leigh Geary
      On Dec 15, 2011 1:24 PM, “Disqus”

  • Peter Bonney

    Got my text yesterday, but have been dipping in to TMob 3G connection since the 3g announcement earlier in the year.

  • PeteW

    Not seen the text. But I got a cryptic txt yesterday which appears to be from Orange saying that I would receive a text update to use data services and I needed to type 0000 to accept. An hour later got a message which appeared as an MMS which is a “Confiiguration message”. If I access it, my Samsung Galaxy S2 want me to install an application. I’ve never had a message like this and have not installed it as I can’t verify it’s origin. I phone Orange CS and they knew nothing about it. I wonder if this is related? Anyone else has these odd messages?