99p Movies available to rent

Android users have been pretty spoiled recently with cut-price apps available in the Android Market. Now a similar thing is happening for films too.

For a limited time you can rent and watch a selection of films including Johnny English, The Polar Express, Matrix Reloaded, Jurassic Park and many more.

Open up Android Market on your device for more info.

99p Movies available to rent

99p Movies available to rent

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  • SilentBob

    Why don’t I see movies in my market? I am running version 3.3.12 of the market.

    • Joleen

      Because most of the network branded phones haven’t had the update. You have to download the updated version from elsewhere.

      • SilentBob

        That is the new tiled market. Got fed up waiting for the network to do their biz, so searched the latest version & installed little over a week ago (because 10p deals were not appearing in the old style market).


    LOL – loving the comments on the films – basically goes along the lines of either why pay 99p just download it (cough cough free) and shove it on your phone. 


    Buy from Tesco on-line for £2 get disc copy and a digital copy – yours forever – no rental!

  • Carlos Willis

    :( i rented the mechanic for 99p downloaded the “videos” app to watch it…and because i have Galnet MIUI Installed it said “your device is rooted you cant watch” :(, did a quick search on Google and found XDA Devs made a custom APK of the Videos App installed it!! was able to see the movie i rented … clicked to play it! …. :( it said “video not available in your country”…Thanks Android

  • Patch

    I have no problems with my iPhone when i want to watch a movie just click and its there…. even pause it and watch the rest on my iPad…..

    Just saying……

  • Chris

    says “Not available in your country” after paying to rent film. I’m in UK, prices are in £ so why not?