New Skydrive app

New Skydrive appMicrosoft have just released an updated app for ‘SkyDrive’ available for your iOS device or your Windows Phone 7. Not really sure why they have released a seperate app for WP7 as you could already access all your Skydrive docs from your Office tile, all be it the new app is slightly more polished. Surely it would have been better to update the existing app.

Anyway now available from iTunes or Zune Marketplace

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  • Squirrell25

    all we need now is an andriod app

  • The app for WP7 is useful for people who have the phone tied to one Hotmail account but need access to Skydrive on a different account. The inbuilt Skydrive functionality only recognises your primary Skydrive account.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah where’s the android app? It better support tablets too. The unofficial Sorami works pretty good but it could be a lot better. MSN Messenger is better suited in apps like eBuddy on Android.