Nokia N9 soon to be available in white. Fingers crossed for a white Lumia.

Recently we reviewed the Nokia N9 which was in plain old black, Dawid found it to be a great phone and UK retailers are starting to now get them in stock. Recently Finnland retailer Verkkokauppa has put a new product up on their website¬†and it is the N9 but in white. It is at the same crazy high price as the black version. This is all very nice….but..

Here is where I go a little off topic. The N9 is currently available in the UK in black, cyan and magenta at Expansys. Which are the exact same colours that the Lumia comes in. The N9 and the Lumia share the same one piece polycarbonate shell with just slightly different insides. Surely it would make sense to pop the Lumia’s insides into a few thousand white shells to see how it goes.

I would love a white lumia. White devices just somehow seem special. When I get something new if it comes in white than it just has to be. Whether or not this ever becomes a reality I don’t know. My fingers are well and truly crossed in the meantime.

Source – Intomobile