Android Facebook app gets a new look

OK, hands up if you use Noseybook? Sorry, I meant Facebook of course. Everyone uses it for keeping in touch with their friends (and by “friends” we generally mean nosing around the lives of people you bumped into and a few dozen people you bumped into over the years but don’t actually talk to any more).

The Android app has needed a lick of paint for some time and, finally, it’s got one. Everything is in a more logical place and it feels a whole lot more useful now. Whack the little menu button on the top left and you can switch through Messages, Events, Friends or what’s happening nearby (although when I clicked on that, I found that “nearby” could mean several hundreds of miles away).

Viewing and editing comments is easier, plus you can swish through pictures and albums quicker than before too.

Nice, real nice.

Link – Android Facebook App