Nokia Lumia 800 Now At O2

O2 have now released the Nokua Lumia 800 on their network through the official website and should also be in stores any day now if not in stock already.

Pricing below is based on the 500MB allowance but you do have more options such as 100MB and 1GB so you can customise the data plan to suit your needs.

18 Month Plans

Nokia Lumia 800 Now At O2

And if you want to sign up for a longer contract over 24 months the following prices are available, again all based on having 500MB data included, if you want 100MB then you save £3 or if you want to double the 500MB to 1GB add £4 a month.

24 Month Plans

Nokia Lumia 800 Now At O2

Link: O2 Online Store

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  • richard sanderson

    Thoese deal are crap compared to 3, glad i left o2 for the lumia after 5 years i grew bored of them there poor deals and there data speeds are a joke compared to three.

  • So excited with this phone looks good compared to the n8.

  • they all look like they are taking the P*** i got the nokia for £25 a month for 18 months (300 minitues 300 text and “unlimited” data on t-mobile from just had the hassel of cancelling all the insurance covers they make you take out.