HTC having a few problems in Germany

In Germany IPCom have sent cease and desist letters to major retailers who sell HTC 3G products. They are demanding that they are withdrawn from sale. This is after HTC recently withdrew their appeal against IPCom in a recent dispute about patents IPCom hold.

IPCom are threatening to initiate penalties for each violation of the court ruling. Which could work out costly if HTC and the retailers don’t quickly jump to it.

HTC seem to be having a hard time of it at the moment. What with Q3 figures being down and being sued all over the world.

The patent battles are really starting to become worrying. Why can’t they all just get along (I know they all keep breaking the rules, I’m joking).

If you are more interested in this I would pop over to the ever interesting FOSS Patents site and read up on this a bit more.

Source – EurodroidFOSS Patents